The Pontiac-Oakland Club Overhead Cammers Chapter
1. Shares information on the 1966-1969 Pontiac OHC6 Engines and to assist owners with the restoration and preservation of their historic vehicles.
2. Promotes interest in the revolutionary OHC6 its history and design.
3. Enhances the pleasure of ownership of Pontiacs equipped with OHC6 engines.  
The Overhead Cammers Chapter is a proud sponsor of the Pontiac Celebration which has been held every two years beginning in 2010 and an average of 260 Pontiacs grace the show field in Warwick, RI each year. Since 2010, the Celebration event has donated over $60,000 to childhood cancer charities. For current information go to the website and click on Pontiac Celebration or contact Rick DiGiacomo at 401-934-0663 or